Digital Music-Cancelled

July 17 - February 21

8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Program Fee: $255

Ready to make amazing, original music? Create a collection of compositions including personalized ringtones, remixes, mini-movie soundtracks and a complete album of original songs. Be courageous as you use MIDI to make your own customized beats and experiment with digital platforms like Garageband to produce mesmerizing music without ever picking up an instrument. Identify the goal of the album you want to make, determining a style, theme and message for your work. Choose digital instruments, set your beat and create songs that express your theme, each with a structured chorus and creative bridge. Reflect on how sounds can express an emotion or tell a story. Share pieces with your fellow producers to gather feedback and inspiration. Debut your masterpiece at an end-of-session music mash-up to which parents will be invited. Program Fee is $255

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