Horseback Riding

July 11 - July 14

8:45 am - 11:45 am

Elective with OHLS Day Camp: $105
Elective without Day Camp: $170

Back by popular demand, students will have a chance to get an introductory look at horseback riding and horse care.  Instruction will be held on the grounds of Oak Hall and led by the staff of Dreamstone Farms.  Lesson’s will be held in a rising ring with a major focus on safety.  Campers will be introduced to the various riding styles including western, dressage, hunter (live demonstration!), eventing, and reining while learning the specifics of English riding!  Once campers have a firm grasp on the basics, an obstacle course that the campers build will be used for Friday’s show open to Mom and Dad!  Campers will also have experiences in the breeds and colors of horses, the structure of a horse, grooming, horse nutrition, and veterinary medical care for the animal.  Safety will be emphasized and helmets (provided) will be worn.

  • Elective camps are optional and may be taken in conjunction with the Lower School Day Camp
  • Campers not wanting to attend Lower School Day Camp may enroll in elective camps.
  • Morning care is available beginning at 7:30 am in the PJ Manson Center of the Lower School
  • Campers not enrolled in the Lower School Day Camp must be picked up between 11:45 am and 12 noon.
  • Horseback Riding Elective meets Tuesday-Friday.

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