Speed Lacrosse-Cancelled

July 17 - July 21

6:15 pm - 8:15 pm

Program Fee: $150

New Camp

Oak Hall was the first school to bring lacrosse to the North Central Florida area and lacrosse is North America’s first sport. Join us for a fun week of lacrosse in our new Speed Lacrosse Camp! Speed Lacrosse is a pioneering new sport rooted in box and field lacrosse that utilizes key attributes from basketball, soccer, hockey, and tennis. Speed Lacrosse focuses on lacrosse’s core fundamentals while raising the bar for diverse multi-sport athleticism. In Speed Lacrosse players pick up ground balls, cradle, pass, catch, dodge, shoot, score, and defend on average ten times more than a traditional lacrosse game in half the amount of time. So come check out this new co-ed camp and be a part of the first Speed Lacrosse experience in North Central Florida. Eye protection is encouraged but not required. No helmet is needed and standard NCAA regulation short sticks are required. Long pole or goalie sticks are not permitted.150.00

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